Since August 2013 a division of the DLI Foundation,
a Non-Profit organization in support of DLI

DLIFLC 73rd Anniversary Ball (Saturday, 1 Nov 2014)

"A Pictorial History of DLI"
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Aerial view of DLIFLC (The Monterey Bay is in the background)



The DLI Alumni Association is a non-profit organization in support of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI or DLIFLC). Currently, the Association charges no fees and its purpose is as stated in the mission statement. The Association is open for membership to any faculty, staff, or student who has worked at DLIFLC or has attended any language program(s) at DLIFLC or its predecessors at any time since November 1941. We also accept Associate Membership from any individual or organization that supports the Association's mission.The Association is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Last modified in December 2013.